Satellite Communications for a Digital Economy

SatComRus 2019 – Satellite Communications for a Digital Economy

(October 3-4, 2019, St Petersburg, A.S.Popov Central Museum of Communications)

09.30 – 10.00
Registration of participants. Welcome coffee.
10.00 – 11.40
Plenary Session: Tasks and prospects of the Russian telecom and space industry in the process of economy digitalization
Topics for discussion:
  • Satellite communications: the present and future
  • Digitalization trends. Transformation of telecom
  • Satellite communications in new segments of a digital economy
  • Prospective directions for building domestic payloads for the Russian orbital communications and broadcasting constellation for civil purposes in the context of a digital economy development
  • Development of digital TV broadcasting vs 5G infrastructure. Is a compromise possible? While the analogue is on the way out, what's going to happen next with the frequencies?
  • New technologies for space communications
Moderators: Yuri Prokhorov, Director General, Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) and Ksenia Drozdova, Deputy Director General, RSCC
The participants:
  • Oleg Ivanov, Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation
  • Igor Chursin, Deputy Head of the Federal Communications Agency
  • Yuri Prokhorov, Director General, RSCC
  • Nikolay Testoedov, Director General, ISS Reshetnev Company
  • Valery Butenko, Director General, NIIR
  • Victor Pinchuk, First Deputy Director General, Network Management, Operations and Development, the Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network (RTRS)
  • Nicolas Tenaud, Sales Director Russia and CIS, Thales Alenia Space
  • Vincent Guermonprez, Telecom Sales Director Russia & North America, Airbus Defense and Space
  • Alexander Shevchenko, Deputy Head of Space and Aviation Risk Insurance Department, Ingosstrakh
  • Igor Korolev, journalist, CNews (columnist for the Vedomosti newspaper)
11.40 – 12.00
Coffee break
12.00 – 13. 30
Session 1. Satellite communications in the modern world. Digital economy trends: the place of satellite operators in the 5G Ecosystem
Topics for discussion:
  • Integration of 5G and satellite communications: global experience
  • The battle for the radio spectrum between satellite network operators and the 5G community. Getting ready for WRC 2019
  • Issues of implementing 5G networks in Russia in the C-band
  • Satellite communications systems in the 5G ecosystem
  • Satellite Internet of Things: problems and solutions
  • Strategies of satellite operators in the new 5G realities: challenge or opportunities
  • Communication networks in the era of digital economy
  • Satellite Internet of Things: Lacuna Satellite Test Results
Moderator: Leonid Konik, Chief Editor of PG “ComNews” publications
The participants:
  • Mark Holmes, Chief Editor, “Via Satellite” magazine
  • Victor Strelets, Scientific consultant, NIIR
  • Vadim Poskakukhin, Consultant, LTE Mobile Operators Union
  • Evgeny Buydinov, Deputy Director General, RSCC
  • Frank Zeppenfeldt, Head of future programs, European Space Agency
  • Nikolay Orlov, Regional Vice-President Eutelsat S.A.
  • Andrei Kucheryavy, professor, head of the department "Communication Networks and Data Transmission", The Bonch-Bruevich State Telecommunications University, St. Petersburg
  • Sergey Ratiev, Director General, RTKomm.RU
  • Rob Spurett, CEO, Lacuna (UK)
13.45 – 14.30
Lunch (Atrium Hall 1)
14.30 – 15.30
Session 2. Television in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. How the television industry is adapting to a new technological reality (joint round table of RSCC and Telesputnik)
Topics for discussion:
  • Content delivery: breaking down traditions or building up a basis? Strategies for the further development of operators, taking into account various options for content delivery. Financial expectations.
  • Is television an equal among many other equals or the fundamental household service? Large operators are introducing convergent platforms designed for consumption, including the consumption of User Generated Content (UGC) from a wide range of sources. These platforms are not only and not so much tied to a TV service, but represent the basis for building a smart home and the Internet of Things ecosystem. Will UGC become a full-fledged replacement for traditional TV, and will it happen thanks to the operators?
  • Blockchain - an ideal technology for mutual settlements or another soap bubble? How applicable is Blockchain technology to the carrier business? Does it make sense to build on its basis micropayment services and settlements with subscribers and contractors?
Moderators: Sergey Plotnikov, Director of the Department of Infocommunication technologies and multimedia services of RSCC Business Development, and Alexander Kaligin, editor-in-chief, Telesputnik Publishers
The participants:
  • Nikolay Orlov, Deputy Director General, National Satellite Company (Tricolor)
  • Maksim Samsonov, First Deputy CEO, GS Labs
  • Grigory Kuzin, Director of the project “Media Logistics”, “JSC CVKS MSC-IX ”
  • Julia Shakhmanova, Director General, STV
  • Sergey Besedin, Founder and mind behind of the Blockchain Association
  • Alexey Ivanov, Director General, Satellite TV MTS (TBC)
15.30 – 15.50
Coffee break
16.20 – 17.35
Session 3. From GEO to new orbits for multi-satellite communication systems.
Topics for discussion:
  • Prospective Russian GEO satellite broadband systems
  • Marathon Project, a satellite communications system for IoT
  • Teeny space Odyssei 2020: SKY-F MEO initial trial
  • Future of satellite networks
  • VSAT and 5G networks; what satellite equipment manufacturers are working on
  • Status of promising LEO projects
  • Possibilities of using the Gonets for the IoT
  • Development of mobile satellite services in the context of competition with other satellite operators
Moderator: Evgeny Buydinov, Deputy Director General, RSCC
The participants:
  • Andrey Shestakov, Director General, Telecom Project-5 LLC
  • Valentin Anpilogov, Deputy Director General, ZAO ViaSat-Tel
  • Victor Doniants, Director General, D.C. Orbital LLC
  • Konstantin Lanin, Head of Representative Office, Regional Director Russia & CIS Business, Hughes Network Systems, LLC
  • Mikhail Pykhov, Technical Director, Gilat Satellite Networks (Eurasia) LLC
  • Sergey Pekhterev, shareholder, Ka-Internet JSC
  • Andrey Romulov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Iskra Group of Companies
  • Sergey Lesnoy, Commercial Director, NPO SvyazProekt LLC
  • Pavel Cherenkov, Director General, JSC “Gonets Satellite System“
  • Representative of Morsvyazsputnik (TBC)
  • Inessa Glazkova, Executive Director, Nebo Global Communication Communications
17.30 – 17.45
Awarding the winners of the SatComRus Award 2019.
17.45 – 18.00
Presentation and opening of Vasya Lozhkin’s exhibition of works
Alexey Kudelin, artist
18.00 – 19.30
Buffet and tour of the Vasya Lozhkin's exhibition (Atrium Hall 1)

October 4, 2019 Friday (free program)

10.30 – 11.30
Tour of the Central Museum of Communications named for A.S. Popov (CMS) (optional)

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